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Electricity, thermal and transport energy infrastructure are changing rapidly because of deep cuts in emissions required globally. Last year more than half of the electricity capacity installed globally was renewable.


Electrification of transport and heat appear increasingly inevitable as de-carbonisation and air quality improvement efforts shift to these sectors.

Why focus on the Retail and Logistics Sectors?

These sectors account for about 20% of UK energy use and more than £120bn of consumer spend.


Not only are these sectors significant energy users, but they are also critically reliant on heat, cooling and transport for their operation.

Finally a complex mix of regulatory pressure and market change is forcing an unprecedented pace of innovation in these sectors.

We are combined software and technical expertise into robust, cost effective supply chain solutions for our customers

By combining data driven insights about our customers’ businesses with deep technical and energy market knowledge. We can provide supply chain solutions that are cost effective, responsive to customer needs and sustainable.

Flexible Power Systems offers software that for planning and management of low carbon technology implementations, so that supply chains become more sustainable, cost effective and robust.