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The freight sector is coming under unprecedented pressure to radically reduce its emissions. The scale of emissions reduction required means that radical changes in vehicle technologies used by the sector will occur. At the same time telematics, IOT and autonomy are creating new opportunities to change the way supply chains work.

The importance of energy and data

To survive operators will have to embrace new on and off vehicle technologies, interact with energy markets and reconfigure supply chains to cope with new vehicle capabilities. Vast quantities of data are already generated by scheduling and telematics packages as part of day to day operations, but it can be challenging or costly to generate value from it. 

What We Do

Based on a deep understanding of our customers' operations and low carbon technologies, we have developed a fully supported suite of software  - EVnow - that enables  operators to plan, execute and manage low carbon vehicle implementations in a cost effective, robust and sustainable way. 

To learn more about how we can reduce your implementation costs and risk contact us at Logistics@flexpowerltd.com